Effective Rate Calc

This simple calculation levels the playing field. Regardless of the individual fees & rates, 'total cost' divided by 'total sales' always reveals the true effective rate.

Follow-up analysis after third month

"What's your rate?"

This is the question most frequently asked by prospective clients. Searching for a way to lower the cost of accepting electronic payments most merchants don't understand the complexity credit card pricing

Compare the effective rate

It makes no difference what labels a service provider assigns to their fees. The only true comparison is total cost for a specific period. How much did it cost to accept the card sales you experienced during that particular period?

Raise your expectations!

Merchant Bankcard partners with our clients to improve their bottom-line. Our rates are published & guaranteed for the contract term. Our pricing structure is transparent. Our products are designed to drive down your effective rate, improve cash flow and enhance operations.

Comparative Analysis

We prepare our initial analysis based on data captured from your current processing statements. This analysis includes an illustration of of our interchange pass-thru statement for the same period.

ROI Analysis

Three months after boarding, we conduct a follow-up review of your processing data and generate a ROI Analysis that compares what we quoted to your actual experience. The result is often better than expected.