These ten clients kindly granted MBC permission to use actual payment & fee data for a single month to better illustrate the impact of our entire payment system on their bottom line


Group Case Study

Nozzle Nolen
Bryan Pest Control     Pest Masters
Buckeye Pest Control     Spencer Pest
Inman Murphy     Spray's Inc
Parker Pest Control     Vulcan Pest Control

The group saved an average of $249 for the month. After deducting their $30 monthly investment, the average net return equaled $219.

eCheck acceptance can
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Individual Case Study

  Parker Pest Control
  Poncha City, OK
  December '09
  Investment $30.00
      Net Return $289.04
  Total ePayments    $8,822
  Prior Effective Rate   6.03%
  MBC Effective Rate   2.41%
  Dec '09 Savings   $319.04
  Monthly Investment   $30.00
  Net Return Dec '09   $289.04

"We pay $30.00 a month for this system.

Each month we save between $200 and $400. Our customers & staff love it; work flow has been cut in half and our cash flow has improved, 27% of e-pay customers chose the eCheck option during December.

Without a doubt; my best business decision for 2009!

Brad Parker, President
Parker Pest Control
Poncha City, OK